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10 things not to do when installing a replacement window

There are many unexpected challenges when installing new replacement windows. We have complied a list of 10 things you mustn’t do when installing windows. Not all 10 things apply to all types of replacement windows. But, read over this list and make sure you don’t do these things:

  1. Measuring the windows too close to the opening size
  2. Putting the Screws in the proper locations
  3. Installing the window square
  4. Over packing the insulation around the window
  5. Using improper spray foam insulation around the window
  6. Window not functioning after installation
  7. Mess after cleaning up after putting in the replacement window
  8. Lead Paint on Sills
  9. Proper Colors on Interior and Exterior Window
  10.  Anchoring basement windows into block
Replacement Home Windows Being Installed

We check all of our steps twice at Monumental and you should too! If you want to avoid all the extra hassle, call us for a no hassle free Window Quote! 

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