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3 Tips To A Better Golf Swing By Hanging Out On Your Deck

Are you a big golf fan and have recently hired a deck builder to work on your deck? This is the perfect time for you to practice your golf swing and make it better than ever. Excelling your golf swing can be challenging, but with practice and the right tips, you can excel at it in no time.

Get dressed bring your golf clubs out on the deck; we can fix that golf swing together! Here are three tips to help you master your golf swing:

Tip #1

Golfers need to be as flexible as possible. Their flexibility helps them turn a right angle from the target, which helps them perfect their swing. You must fix your body movements if you want to be flexible and turn your shoulders enough for a good shot.

To improve your backflip, you must avoid restricting your movements by keeping your hips tight. To keep up with the knee flex, you must not use your trail leg to coil up. That will only restrict your power and the angle of your shoulders. However, If you straighten your trail leg in the backswing, you will be able to turn your shoulders and hips together simultaneously without any problems. This way, the swing will be very powerful and flexible.

Tip #2

When swinging, you need to have the right shoulder tilt. This has a significant impact on your swing. Here again, you can straighten your trail leg, and that will help you fix your shoulder position. Instead of keeping your shoulders leveled with the ground, you can position them to be more inclined towards it.

Increasing the shoulder tilt to get a better swing is important. An angle of 36 degrees offers the best shoulder tilt. Without it, the swing will not be as powerful as you would want it to be.

Tip #3

As mentioned earlier, your body needs to be flexible when swinging. This means that your upper body should bend away from the shot while your arms are extended straight ahead. You should extend your arms as further away from your body as possible.

Many golfers make the mistake of bending forwards and not extending their arms enough, which affects the swing’s power and should be more powerful.


When you practice your golf swing on your deck, you must keep the three tips in mind. Your shoulder should have the right tilt with the right turn angle and bend backward to give the full swing of your body. These tips help make good golfers; while all these golfers may have different styles, these three tips are consistent in professional players.

We at Monumental appreciate how rewarding it is to golf a good game. If you’d like a contractor who appreciates hard work, proper form, and doing it the right way – like you do fill out our contact form and we will contact, you!

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