5 Signs your Ohio Home is Dated!

5 Signs your Ohio Home is Dated!

While a majestic Victorian mansion undoubtedly boasts more timeless appeal, there is an apparent difference between owning a lovely old house or one that only appears obsolete.

It’s not only your home’s architecture. In many situations, a few relatively unimportant architectural elements combine to give the impression that your house is a relic from the olden times.

Why is it Crucial to Keep Your Home Up to Date?

Home is where we all come to relax after a tiring schedule. Living in an outdated home will constantly add stress to your life. Therefore, keeping your fittings, hardware, upholstery, and other house elements up-to-date is crucial. Here are a few reasons why people prefer to maintain their homes according to the changing trends:

  • Increases aesthetic appeal of the house
  • It makes it more welcoming for guests
  • It affects the house market value
  • Saves extra repair costs

Vertical Blinds & Big Drapes

Vertical blinds are out-of-date and ineffective window treatments. Furthermore, you rarely see them outside of hotel rooms and workplaces. Choose a horizontal covering for a sliding door, such as straightforward, low-cost rolled bamboo shades.

Heavy draperies were once the epitome of style and sophistication. However,  they only make your house look old-fashioned. Throw off the thick materials and choose floor-length, sheer panels in a neutral color because today’s fashions focus on bright, open spaces.

Carpet in the Bathroom

If your bathrooms still have carpets, you live in an outdated home. Although carpeted bathrooms were a luxury in the olden days, since home remodeling trends have changed, keeping them is no longer appealing. You can easily change your carpeted floor with vinyl plank flooring to make it attractive. Hire an expert contractor to help you install the flooring.

Dated Fixtures &HardwareOut-of-Date Fixtures and Hardware

Hardware made of shiny metal or gold will quickly transport your customers to the 1980s. It’s relatively cheap to replace them with more modern materials, such as brushed nickel, to give your bathroom and kitchen a more stylish look. It is crucial to replace all the fittings to ensure uniformity. Check your doorknobs, lighting fittings, cabinet hinges, and pulls.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

In earlier days, this arrangement was trendy because of the aesthetic appeal it added to the house. However, with time, trends have changed. If your home has floor-to-ceiling mirrors, it is time to change the interior to something more appealing. You can hire an expert contractor to help you with innovative ideas to make the most of the space.

Laminate and Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are expensive, difficult to maintain, and difficult to repair. Laminate countertops look dated and cannot withstand the heat that a kitchen counter should. Both options indicate that the house needs renovation.

If the potential buyers find that they need to spend additional money to repair the homes, they do not proceed with the deals. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on replacing the laminated countertops to attract potential customers. Based on your home’s condition, you can replace those obsolete countertops with marble, concrete, wood, granite, quartz, stainless steel, or soapstone instead of scaring off prospective buyers.

Are you unsure if your home is outdated? Look for the signs mentioned above to decide the elements that need replacement or repair. Hire an expert contractor to help you with home renovation.

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