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Monumental Decks and Windows is owned by Andrew and Michelle Shetler. Andrew grew up in Indiana, being homeschooled, passionate about woodworking, and working with his dad, who owned Dean’s Home Improvement. Andrew’s dad, Dean, moved to Ohio and Andrew followed suit wanting to help his parent’s build their home in Port Washington, Ohio. Once he no longer needed to help mom and dad, he met his wife Michelle at a local church and then a few short months later got married. Andrew and Michelle quickly knew that starting a local home improvement company was something they were passionate about. In January of 2019, Cross Home Improvement was born, since then business has been booming and Andrew and his crew has served many families. In 2021, Andrew and Michelle decided they wanted to specialize their company to Decks and Windows, which birthed Monumental Decks and Windows. 

Monumental Decks and Windows is made up of a team, Andrew and Michelle being the owners and operators and Kole and Preston being the specialist builders.  Andrew is the person you’ll meet with for your first consultation. Then again, you’ll meet Andrew to discuss your contract. Andrew is also the person supervising your build and inspecting the build along the way.  Michelle is the person who you will be writing up your contract and attends the developers and designers of various projects needed. Preston and Kole, our specialist builders, will be part of the team who works to build your project. Together we work together and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure your build is exactly what you want at Monumental Decks and Windows.

The team of Monumental Decks and Windows

Our Team

Kole of Monumental Decks and Windows


Meet Kole, Kole is a snowboarding and biking enthusiast. We met kole a few years back and he has been learning by Andrew’s side for years now. Kole went to Buckeye Career Center (BCC) in New Philadelphia, Ohio and took the AutoCad Program. Kole works hard to make sure every detail is covered in every project.

Preston of Monumental Decks and Windows


Meet Preston, Preston is a non-T.V. watcher as he likes to be extremely productive and he enjoys to part out cars and rebuild cars with his father. Preston went to Buckeye Career Center (BCC) in New Philadelphia, Ohio and took the Construction Program. Preston has been learning alongside Kole and Andrew and is a quick learner.

Monumental Decks and Windows
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