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Beyond Home Basics you can do today with Amazon Links

Biden announced last week that he plans to forgive some student debt. Whether that is true. Any extra cash is nice to have. Beyond our home basics, we are here to share with you some things you can do with an extra cash to your home about decks, windows, and curb appeal.

  1. The summer is about to end, as sad as it is but happy for the fall and winter lovers… Summer lovers, think next Spring/Summer time and think patio furniture sales. Menards has great sales right now and they are having their 11% back. (I know, not amazon, but still a great deal.)

This patio set right now is at Menards and is $961.18 after the sale price and the rebate, we think this is a killer deal. This is perfect set to be on your porch or deck. The table sets it off, a lot of sets don’t provide the table under $1,000.00. This set is perfect to invite some friends over or spend some time by yourself reading a book in the morning. Click here to see this beautiful patio set. Deck Builder Approved.

2. You cannot, I mean I guess you could, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little fire to set the mood.. smores mood of course. I found this awesome little outdoor fireplace from amazon and I think its a great addition to your deck or patio. It is also great because its under 50 Bucks with great reviews. Deck Builder approved.

3. Enjoying your front porch or back deck is a pain when there is little to no shade. There are so many options for shade and the cost of those options can vary. You can buy a manual retractable awning for around 300 bucks or less depending on your size. You could spend 50 bucks buying a patio umbrella. You could string in a triangle canopy, called a Sun Shade Sails Canopy. There are so many options and I am going to share my favorite with you.

I like the manual awning idea and I found one that I would like Andrew to Install for me on my deck. Again, listed on Amazon, this canopy is the real deal with great reviews. Click here to view the manual awning. Deck Builder approved.

4. Okay, enough about decks and patios and what to place on them. Lets talk windows, as window installers we come across many new products for your windows. There are very fancy squeegees for windows but, microfiber is the way to go. At Monumental we we can install self-cleaning windows. I know, it seems crazy because it is. The sun shrinks the molecules and the dirt falls off. But not everyone has that luxury of self cleaning windows. So, one thing that you can do for very little money but requires your time is cleaning your windows. Cleaning your windows can be a task. But, if you know how to do it right, it doesn’t take that much time and the results are clear. See what I did there? The trick to cleaning your windows is having a good microfiber towel. Microfiber towels provide a no streak solution and scratch resistance.

Where do you think we get our microfiber towels? Amazon, that is right. Streak-Free and Dries fast, we love these Microfiber towels for cleaning home windows. Click here to check out the microfiber towels. Window Installer approved.

5. Lets talk privacy. Sometimes it is hard to get privacy and still have that desired natural sunlight come into our homes. Also, sometimes its hard to get privacy in those bathroom windows. Did you know some people have windows in their showers? We have replaced windows in the shower before, but what do they do for privacy? What we have used ourselves is window privacy film. We use it in our bathroom and I haven’t heard any complaints from my neighbors yet. We buy this from Amazon too, check it out. Window Installer approved.

There are so many things you can do to your home and have extra cash left over that is beyond basic. There are things we can do for our home to improve and grow our lives . We can provide a sitting space for those late date nights with our partner. We can take a shower without flashing the whole neighborhood. We can go outside without burning like a crisp or being sticky with sunscreen.

We hope you found this unique blog valuable, we enjoyed writing it. Happy Home Improvement-ing.

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