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Dog on Monumental Deck

Top 5 Pet-Approved Beds for the Deck

Do you want to keep a bed out on the deck for your pet? Here are some beds you can take a look at!

Beautiful Deck Build In Ohio

Fresh Wood porch Deck and Fall Decor

Front Porch Deck Fall Decor in Northeast Ohio on a Freshly Made Wood Deck with Overhang.


Fall Home Maintenance check list. I forgot about #5!

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to do before Winter hits! Check out #5 and definitely #6.

Replacement Home Windows Being Installed

10 things not to do when installing a replacement window

Monumental has two sides, the deck side and the replacement window side. Today we talk about 10 things NOT to do when installing your replacement windows. Click here to read on….


How much does Replacement home windows cost?

Click here to find out what replacement windows cost.

New Philadelphia Ohio Deck Builder Deck

Beyond Home Basics you can do today with Amazon Links

Any extra cash is nice to have. Beyond our home basics, we are here to share with you some things you can do with an extra cash to your home about decks, windows, and curb appeal.

Green Deck Builder

How to choose the right material for your deck

How do you choose the right material for your deck? Things to think about! There are many things to consider when building a deck or replacing a deck you already have. Thinking of everything can be overwhelming. That is why we came up with a little list to help you get started with decking material….

Beautiful new deck on Lake Cable, Ohio

Can I get New Windows in my Historical Home?

Historical Home Replacement Windows Did you know that a historical home can have replacement energy-efficient windows? Historical homes and buildings preserve our community’s history and allows us to see through the eyes of our grandparents and great grandparents. It is up to us as a community collectively to preserve these beautiful structures. Monumental Windows helps…

Beautiful Before and After of An Above Ground Pool Deck

Carroll County Pool Deck gets Face Lift

Expert Local Deck Builders Re-Build Deck in Carroll County. Click here to see the before and after.

Beautiful new deck on Lake Cable, Ohio

Why is my window drafty?

Did you notice a cold draft coming from the windows of your home over the winter? It may be time to get new windows. Reasons why your window could be drafty: You have single-pane wood-framed windows. Single pane windows that are wood framed will shrink or expand over time and you will get a draft….

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