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Can I get New Windows in my Historical Home?

Historical Home Window Replacement
Historical Home Window Replacement in Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Historical Home Replacement Windows

Did you know that a historical home can have replacement energy-efficient windows?

Historical homes and buildings preserve our community’s history and allows us to see through the eyes of our grandparents and great grandparents. It is up to us as a community collectively to preserve these beautiful structures. Monumental Windows helps preserve history by offering custom built look-a- like historical home windows.

What’s important about a historical home is there is not a one-size-fits all for the homes windows. The home was built in a time where the builder didn’t have a level or tool to “square in” the windows. More than likely your home has settled a lot and that can too change how you open your windows unless they are painted in. We see many of Victorian Home windows being painted in, what a fad. Also, likely your windows are one pane or two pane with no insulation (argon gas) in them and you are feeling the heat and cooling your loosing and hearing all of the road noise. We have a solution to that too!

We install look-a-like windows in your historical home. Our best selling windows from Sunrise Window and Door provide great custom options. Whether the new replacement windows need special grids or coloring inside and out or have a quark with sizing, we can handle that and so much more.

Preserve your historical home today with custom energy-efficient windows! Fill out the contact form to get you on the schedule with a window contractor nearby.

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