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Carroll County Pool Deck gets Face Lift

Beautiful Before and After of An Above Ground Pool Deck
Beautiful before and after of a pool deck build in Carrollton County, Ohio.

We have built many decks around a pool. This one pictured here is one that we completed in December 2021 in Dellroy, Ohio and is our favorite thus far. This deck has beautiful TimberTech Decking and has beautiful white vinyl railing and a special spot for a hot tub. The original deck went all the way around the pool, the pool now can be removed safely when the owners upgrade the pool.

You may be looking at this picture and thinking, this is not a picture in Ohio in December. You’re right, it’s not, in fact it’s not even close. We waited until the pool was full and the deck was stocked with fun chairs to take a picture of this deck in August! What is even more exciting is the owners of this deck had a gathering and invited us to and we got to show off our work. It was a great time with really good people. (Dan & Ruth, we appreciate you more than you know– also, GO BROWNS!) 

Anyways, enough of the gushy stuff. You want to know what a deck around a pool could look like so here is an option. This deck is so massive, taking a picture of it at any angle doesn’t do it justice! Something really special about this deck, that you can think of for yours, is that it is reinforced on the left corner for a hot tub. Hot tubs require more support due to the weight of the water, the tub, and of course the people in it. Contact us for more information regarding hot tub deck builds.

As much as we would like to say that we also completed the lovely pool house in the middle of the deck, we did not. Some other awesome contractor completed this one. We appreciate his workmanship on the pool house and aspire to be like him and get to build one for someone too. Maybe yours?

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