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Featured In The Times Reporter

Image by Andrew Dolph/Times Reporter Gail & Bill Houglan with Michelle & Andrew Shetler, co-owners of Monumental Decks and Windows

Monumental Decks and Windows is excited to share being featured in The Times Reporter.

We are so thankful for the all the support the local community has given us, especially with so many unique challenges that have presented themselves when building our business.

We answered the following questions from The Times Reporter including:

  • When did you first notice lumber prices climbing?
  • How much did they increase?
  • When did they go down, and how are they now?
  • How did you respond to the higher prices?
  • Are you switching from wood to PVC, passing increases to customers, or absorbing a bit of the extra cost?
  • Have you noticed any change in customer preferences due to COVID, such as choosing to spend on home amenities rather than travel vacations? 

And while we will encourage you to visit the story to see our answers, we first want to share the answers to the last question in our interview since it means so much to us.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

One of the challenges Monumental has overcome is managing expectations. So many people simply cannot appreciate material and labor issues until it directly impacts them. At Monumental, we ensure the client understands these challenges before we start the relationship. And while there may be a little disappointment, based on unrealistic expectations, we feel starting the relationship with the truth of the situation is more important than anything else.

Working with us is a personal experience. We work together with you to build the deck you want. Our company designs the deck and provides a visual aid before the build. You can decide to make changes or keep it the same and move forward. Someone from our team calls you to set up the days that work for your build. We respect you and your neighbors and show up at 9 a.m. to work on your build. The goal is to make sure you can get the maximum return on your build. 

We encourage you to read the entire Times Reporter story here so that you can appreciate the value we place so dearly into our relationships as well as the final project results.

Monumental Decks and Windows
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