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Fresh Wood porch Deck and Fall Decor

Tis’ the season for fall décor on our homes in Northeast Ohio. This one is always a hard one for us because we love Christmas SO much. It is always a toss up between decorating for autumn or just going straight for the inflatable Santa clause. In our opinion, Christmas season just doesn’t last long enough.

In Jennifer’s opinion her new front porch/deck needed some fall décor.

We agree and we wanted to show off how well she did decorating the new deck.

Starting Jennifer’s project.. we quickly realized at the estimate that the current deck was no good, rotten, and had standing water under it. Jennifer has a great design mind and she new exactly what she wanted. We really liked her thoughts so we put it together for her.

This is the before picture of her deck.

Brace yourself because the difference is shocking and we LOVE it!

Jennifer and some help tore up the original deck and leveled the ground. (Which is always a great way to save some money on your project)
We came in and used treated wood to make her front porch and overhang. The ceiling is knotty pine with beams to compliment the overhang.
It looked good without all the décor, but Jennifer did it and it looks even better now. Now we are considering getting some pumpkins and mums for our house!

Thanks, Jennifer, for having us out to build your porch.

If you’d like a porch like Jennifer, fill out the contact form or call us at (330) 818-9833

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