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How to choose the right material for your deck

How do you choose the right material for your deck? Things to think about!

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There are many things to consider when building a deck or replacing a deck you already have. Thinking of everything can be overwhelming. That is why we came up with a little list to help you get started with decking material. Check out our Facebook and our Decking Page to see more deck build and railing design ideas.

  1. Set your budget for your deck this is a very important part when it comes to your selections for your deck.
  2. How long do you want it to last
    1. Treated wood decking10 to 20 years (Cheapest Decking)
    2. Composite decking 25 to 30 years
    3. PVC decking 25 to 35 years
    4. Hardwood decking 15 to 30 years (Luxury Decking)
  3. Do you want any maintenance on it
    1. All decks require some sort of maintenance however you must consider how much maintenance you want to do. Example: Do you want to seal your deck boards every couple years?
  4. How large do you want your deck or better yet is there a Pinterest style of deck you’ve been eyeing?
  5. One level or multiple levels
  6. Type of Railing (Cable Railing for a great view or maybe white vinyl railing for a classic deck look)
  7. Color of Deck Boards (colors of deck boards can change the cost of your deck drastically, another thing to keep in mind)
  8. Type of Deck Boards (are you a simple Menards deck boards will do or are you wanting something with more texture, more life, more thickness, better mold resistance and would like something like Timber Tech Decking?)
  9. What are you placing on your deck Example: hot tub? (If you’re putting a hot tub on your deck consider the texture of your decking for slip resistance and the extra support you will need to support your hot tub.)
  10. Re- evaluate your budget now that you have a better idea of what your decking material is like and what you like as well. You can check out Timber Tech’s Pricing Calculator here.
  11. Hire Monumental to build your dream deck!

If you’re looking for the perfect time to build your deck and the perfect deck contractor to build your deck. The time is now and we are proud that deck building is part of our specialty. Call today for your free phone consultation with our consult coordinator or fill out our contact form and we will call you!

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