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How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

Windows may appear easy-to-clean home fixture that requires little to zero upkeep. But that’s not true! Window frames and crevices accumulate dust and critters that are hard to remove.

Besides, rainwater and weather extremities leave stains on the glass that are tough to clean. Scrubbing can scratch the window pane and glasses; thus, you need expert tips to clean windows that look spotless and fresh as new.

Expert Tips to Clean Windows Without Streaks

Whether your cleaning your living room windows or some other part of your home, you need sparkling, streak-free glass that complements your spruced home interior.

Clean the Glass With Vinegar

Homemade solutions, especially those made of vinegar, are ideal for cleaning windows. Its acidic properties cut down grime and break the streaky film on your window and other glass surfaces.

However, vinegar has a pungent odor; it evens out the gunky smell from the glass to give you a fresh-scented surface.

Homemade Vinegar Cleaning Solution: Take 1 part of white or distilled vinegar and mix it with ten parts of water. Fill the concoction in a spray bottle and spume it all over the window. You can even use it on wooden frames and panes.

Use Lint-Free Wipe or Newspaper

There are two ways to clean the window glass. You can spray the cleaning agent onto the surface and wipe it with a microfiber cloth or newspaper. For more stubborn stains, use a chemical-based solution and work it on the affected area.

Another way is to wash your windows with an acetone window cleaner ( or dishwashing soap). Wipe the window with a soft, lint-free towel dipped in a vinegar cleaning solution. Then sponge it with a dry cloth. Lastly, clean the surface with an old crumpled newspaper to eliminate excess moisture.

The Magic Is In Your Hand

When cleaning windows, use z-motion to prevent you from smearing the glass. Going across your window in repetitive z-motion ensures you cover the entire surface, not leaving behind any nook or corner.

However, when cleaning with crumpled newspaper, use a circular motion to wipe off the remaining water for a dry, clean surface.

Pro Tip: If you still can see streaks on your window, rinse the glass with clean water to remove all the residue.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Windows

It’s tricky to clean windows without streaks. So, here we share 3 pitfalls that you can avoid to get professional results:

  • Using alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning agents directly on the glass surface. While they may seem to deep-clean your windows, these cleaning agents can leave streaks and form a thin layer that attracts dust.
  • Scraping tough, stuck-on stains with a razor or blade. Metal scratches the glass surface and makes it weaker,  increasing the risk of shattering it.
  • Wiping the glass with a terry towel or other fluffy and fiber material. It not leaves fluff on the glass but also scratches it, leaving behind permanent streaks.

Bottom Line-Get High-Quality Windows Today!

Sparkling, clean windows improve the aesthetics of your home as well as give you a clearer view of the outside. But maintaining streak-free windows can be challenging, especially if they are not of premium quality.

Primarily, it is because glass is porous and accumulates dirt and grime and degenerates over time. However, high-quality glass is much more durable and long-lasting. So, if you’re looking for some expert advice on buying and cleaning windows, talk to our professional window installers.

Depending on your budget and usage, we recommend window materials, design, size, and features. Contact us  today!

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