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How to Paint your Deck Properly

How your deck looks impacts the overall look of your property. Painting your deck allows you to add more color to your outdoor area and give your property a fresher look. It’s best for deck owners with decks above the ground since the paint is usually more durable than the stains; it provides the property owners with a way to protect the deck surface from further damage.

How to Paint your Deck Properly

Before you start working on a DIY deck project, the first thing to remember is that preparing it for the painting is the most crucial step. Therefore, we will guide you with a simple step-by-step guide to paint your deck correctly. Let’s begin

1.      Wash the Deck Surface

Painting your deck surface without cleaning out the dirt can take a toll on the final look of the deck surface. Paints are designed to stick to surfaces they are applied on.

However, it’s not possible if the deck surface isn’t clean to begin with. The paint will stick to the dirt layers and make the final results look tacky.

You can sweep the floor, or even power wash it. Cleaning the deck ensures the paint sticks well to the deck surface and that all dirt and debris get washed away. You can also add a mold detergent if moss and mold build up on the deck surface.

2.      Scrape and Sand the Deck

Flaking and peeling paint can make your final deck look weird and tacky. Therefore, you should take a scraper and look for areas where the paint may not be fully intact. Scrape the existing paint layer, and it should reveal the wood surface underneath. However, proceeding with care is crucial because you don’t want to damage the wooden layer.

Next, use 80/100 sandpaper and sand the deck until it’s completely smooth. A smooth deck is ideal for a well-finished DIY paint job. Then you can use the 100/120 grit sandpaper to ensure the deck is fully prepared for painting.

Try sweeping the floor and fixing any dents and damages you can identify on the floor. You should fill any wood cracks or breakage signs you can place and use a stain remover to make the wooden surface cleaner.

3.      Apply Paint

Once the surface is immaculate, you can advance with the paint job and apply layers of paint. You should mask off any unwanted surface with tape to prevent the color from getting onto the surface. 

You should also cover all doors and windows with a plastic cover and wait for a time when there’s shade on the deck. The shade should assist with the paint-drying process and help you get the required results. 

Try to apply 1-2 coats of paint on every square inch of the deck area so it settles incorrectly. You should also paint the deck from bottom to top one section at a time. To cut the edges, you can use a paintbrush. Finally, apply paint with a smooth roller and let it dry.

Bottom Line

It can be pretty challenging for first-timers to paint a deck properly. However, the tips we’ve mentioned will surely make the process easier. If you feel like you still need assistance, we recommend you hire a deck contractor. They’ll be done with the task before you know it.

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