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How To Stain Your Deck, Easily!

Are you planning to give your deck a new look entirely? Why don’t you try staining it. Staining your deck will give your faded floors new life and make it look amazing. It can also give your deck added protection to ensure that your deck lasts you a long time. 

The best part about staining your deck is that you can easily do it on your own. To help you with the task, here is a staining guide you can follow. 

Step #1 Gather All Tools 

Before you start the staining process you need all the tools necessary. Without the right tools you will not be able to stain your deck properly.

Here are all the tools that you might need: 

  • Sandpaper
  • Broom
  • Deck cleaner
  • Deck stain or paint
  • Power washer
  • Paint roller
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sander (belt or orbital) 
  • Sealant 
  • Stiff brush

Step #2 Prepare the Deck

Now that you have all the tools you can start preparing the deck. It is important to sand the surface before you could stain it. You can use any sander you have and then after sanding it you should remove all the particles. Clean the surface with a deck cleaner and scrub away all the gunk.

For the best results make sure to scrub against the wood grain. You might have to scrub multiple times to thoroughly clean the deck. 

Step #3 Clean the Surface

To remove the cleanser, you will have to power wash your deck. Be careful and do not get too close to the wood where you might end up damaging it. Dry your deck completely before you can stain it.

Step #4 Stain the Deck 

Now that your deck is completely dry you can start with the staining process. Be sure to put painters’ tape where you do not want the stain such as the railings on your deck or the stairs.

Use a paint roller or a brush to apply the stain. Be very vigilant so there are no streaks or blobs on the stain. A good trick is to stain your deck in small pieces and brush over them to remove any streaks. 

Apply the stain along the word grain so you don’t mess it up. A good idea is to get a helper who can stain with the roller while you brush it down.

Step #5 Seal it All

If you want the stain on your deck to last longer you must seal it. To seal it you must use a smaller brush and avoid going against the grain for a better finish.

Let the seal dry for at least 48 hours so it is completely dry. 

Follow these steps to properly stain your deck and restore the luster of the wood! If staining your deck seems intimidating you can get the help from an expert. Deck builders can help you do an expert job!

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