Beautiful city with many historic buildings

The City of Green which was originally a township of multiple farmers with a census of 5,083 in 1950. The township grew with the use of stage coaches within the community, which is now the present-day State Route 241. The community’s market shifted in the 1900’s from farming to small business, industries, and manufacturing. Despite the change in the leading market, the community grew and changed to be developed into a beautiful city with many historic buildings still remaining today.  Learn more by visiting the City of Green website here.

Monumental Decks and Windows is a local contractor to help you with deck designing, deck building and, replacement windows. We understand that the home improvement process can sometimes be overwhelming and that is OK. Our team of skilled professionals is here to help you select what is right for you. We want you to love your house from the outside and the inside. 

The picture at the top shows a home with a four-seasons sunroom near Green. Our team added new replacement windows and a replacement sliding glass door to upgrade the look of the sunroom and make it a complete four-seasons room.

Treated deck

The picture on the right is a treated deck designed for a family of 5 that is attached to their second story home. The treated deck attached to the home with beautiful French doors to complement their space.

Replacement windows

The next photo is of house built in 1907 that needed replacement windows near Green. The photo features their master bedroom with replacement windows. The replacement windows were installed and a week later the family welcomed their first child.


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