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Decks maximize your Outdoor Living

Decks provide a space to entertain, unwind, and to reconnect. Decks add flow to a party, space for your kids to run and play within seeing distance, and a space for you and your spouse to reconnect under the stars. The extra square footage and return on value is priceless with an outdoor living space. There are many options to having an outdoor living space whether that be a deck with a handicap ramp attached, a screened in back deck, a 3 seasons room with a deck attached, front deck, deck with a hot tub, etc. There are so many possibilities and we will not limit you! A deck can give your home a vacation feels and give you many memories for years to come.

In the picture at the top is a hardwood deck with black stainless steel cable railing. The deck features an extended living space complete with liting and aluminum black roofing under the deck.

Treated wood deck

The picture on the right is a completed treated wood deck for a family near Dover, Ohio. The deck features a large space for the family to enjoy their new pool.

Treated wood railing and steps

On the left, you will see another treated wood deck added to the back of a home. The deck has treated wood railing and steps. This space offered the family with a place for family cookouts.

Long-awaited space

On the right, you will see a beautifully designed treated wood deck. The deck was completed in the neighboring town of New Philadelphia. The second story deck was a long-awaited space for the family of 5 after having an addition added to their home a few years prior. The extra space has granted room for the littles to run around on, for many family and friend gatherings and for mom and dad to reconnect after the littles are in bed.


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