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What is a Catio, and Why would you want one in Ohio?

What is a Catio, and Why would you want one in Ohio?

Do you live in Ohio? There is a high possibility for you to have a cat. You will understand the struggle if you like to keep your cats indoors. Cats may be house pets, but they love going out and wandering on their own. It is best for you to let the cats out, or they will create havoc at home.

However, you may be concerned about the safety and security of your cat. In order to ensure that, you can build a catio for them.

What Is A Catio?

A catio can be described as a patio for cats. You can place the catio outside a window or any place outside the home that your cat frequently likes to visit. There are many ways for you to build a catio and make it look like an aesthetic addition to your space.

Why Should You Build A Catio?

There are several benefits of having a catio; let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of a catio:

A Comfortable Nook For Your Cat

Most cats want to go out and have fun outdoors, but they may not have a designated place where they can enjoy the outdoors and still have a place for themselves. With catio, your cat will not have to go over to your neighbors or climb trees to enjoy the outdoors. They can simply nest in their catio and have great fun.

Keeps Them Safe

The catio is a safe space for your cat. If you are worried about the safety of your cats, then you can get a catio and give them a place to go when they want to go outdoors. The catio will save them from going onto the roads and avoid the chances of them getting hit by a car. Moreover, this might even prevent them from contracting diseases from other animals or dirt.

Avoids Any Unnecessary Conflicts

While you may be very fond of your cats, your neighbors may not have the same level of liking. In this case, if your cat goes on to ruin their yards or uses it as a litter box, they may end up knocking on your door in anger. Things can escalate, which is why it is best to keep your cats nearby and give them a safe space, so they do not have to go anywhere else.

If your cat is playful and enjoys going outdoors, it will surely enjoy the catio. All you need to do is be creative and come up with interesting designs so that your cat is engaged for hours. You can include all sorts of things in the catio that your cat will like. Also, try to keep the catio as spacious as possible.

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