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What To Consider When Building A Wrap-Around Deck In Ohio?

What To Consider When Building A Wrap-Around Deck In Ohio?

What Is A Wrap Around Deck?

A wrap-around deck gives you extra floor space where you can keep some furniture and create a sitting area. It is very different from the conventional styles of decks; they do not extend from the back and front of the house but only from one side. These decks are primarily supported with ledger boards to strengthen the structure.

Factors To Consider When Building A Wrap-Around Deck

Have you been planning on building a wrap-up deck? Here are some factors you must consider when building one:

Materials To Use

The first thing to consider is the materials you need to build the deck. You need to be smart with your choice and choose a material that will last you a long time. The top options include wood, composites, and PVC; each has pros and cons. While materials such as PVC and Composites are long-lasting, they do not add the same aesthetic appeal as wood. Therefore, you must choose a suitable material to ensure that your deck is strong and will last a long time.

The Design Of The Deck    

You can design your wrap-around deck in many different ways. It can have curved or straight edges, depending on your preference. It is important to consider the aesthetic of your house when you think of the deck’s design. If you want to go for a higher deck, then you need to add railings, so it is safe.

Landscape Of Your Home

You may have different landscape features in your home such as bushes and trees. When building the wrap-around deck, you need to be careful of these features and either remove them from your property or build your wrap-around deck around them. You will need to reconsider the contours of your deck when building the deck.

Positioning Of Deck

When considering the deck’s positioning, you can consider multiple locations, such as the sides of the home or the front or back. When deciding the position of the deck, you need to consider whether the sides get enough sunshine as you need or if there is plenty of wind. These factors will help you decide the best placement of the wrap-around deck.  


No matter if you are building your deck on a slope or if the ground is level with your house, you need to think about the drainage system. You need to map out how to plan the drainage system around the deck’s foundation.

If the drainage system is improper, the water will pool, and that can cause significant damage to your deck in terms of erosion.

When building a wrap-around deck, you need to be sure you count all factors before you get the material and start building. This way, you can build the deck however you want and ensure its longevity.

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