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Why is my window drafty?


Did you notice a cold draft coming from the windows of your home over the winter? It may be time to get new windows.

Reasons why your window could be drafty:

  1. You have single-pane wood-framed windows. Single pane windows that are wood framed will shrink or expand over time and you will get a draft.
  2. Wood window frames (frames are what hold the two sashes on a double-hung window, in the window that allow the sashes to slide up and down) with wood sashes (a sash is a frame around the glass) have no rubber seals or sealing locks which would cause a draft.
  3. Most wood-framed windows built in the 1900s do not have insulation around the window frame which would cause a draft.
  4. Your window, vinyl or wood, the sash slides side to side causing the window not to open and close properly which would cause a draft.
  5. Your window, vinyl or wood, will not lock properly causing it not to seal and causing a draft.

Installing energy-efficient windows, properly, can save you up to 25% in your heating and cooling costs.

Contact us if you need to get rid of your old drafty windows and get new windows installed.

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