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Window Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

Window Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

You probably know the popular adage, “Windows are the eyes of the home.” Therefore, it only makes sense to spruce up your windows when hanging your outdoor holiday decorations. Make beautiful displays in your windows that reflect the season.

Seasonal window decorations bring cheer to your house for you and your family to enjoy and give it a festive air to passersby. We have some suggestions for you if you want holiday window decoration inspiration.

Simple Wreaths

Hang festive wreaths on various ribbons to bring holiday joy to your windows. I like to decorate wreaths with satin ribbons and hang them on every window.

The windows all look the same, which is quiet but noticeable. Choose a ribbon color that matches your style to personalize this idea. For instance, red can add a bright burst of color, whereas cream will blend well with other neutral colors in a room’s design.

Minimalist Garden

Whether your windows are big or small, using a string of pine with long needles and snow-covered pine cones can make your home feel like Christmas is near. Choose garland instead of wreaths for your front-facing windows so you do not block the view. Put some real or fake garlands on a window to make it feel like you are outside.

Sparkling Illusion

Use mirrors to add light to your home during Christmas instead of putting up decorations that block your windows. Make sure their shining and mirror-like appearance is noticeable by choosing a see-through wreath of beads. This will look beautiful when put on a stylish bar.

Window Christmas Tree

Do you want to display your Christmas tree for the passersby? While many people wish for such a decoration, it is seldom possible. If you cannot put up your Christmas tree near a window, you can use this window decoration idea as a backup option. You can use craft supplies and other items like painter’s tape, command hooks, and fairy lights to create a Christmas tree on the window.

Hanging Ornaments

If you are looking for holiday window decoration ideas, you might not mind a little drama. Do you not mind going a little overboard with your Christmas décor? Consider attaching colorful ornaments to your window garland – you can use fishing wire. While the idea is simple and requires little effort, hanging ornaments make for stunning detail.

Snowflake Window Clings

You can use simple, easy-to-find craft supplies to make gorgeous DIY window decorations. Making window clings is an excellent idea to add a unique and personalized touch to your holiday décor. You can use puffy paint and glitter to make colorful snowflake window clings – it is especially a good idea if you are looking for holiday activities with your kids.

Bottom Line

If you are ready to tap into your creative energy, you have multiple window decoration options. Before you begin with the decorations, contacting a professional window installation/ remodeling company is a wise idea to prepare your windows. Visit our website to get a quote today!

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