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Winter Maintenance Deck Tips

Winter Maintenance Deck Tips

Winter is just around the corner. Since there will be a lot of moisture and wetness in the winter, your deck (especially if it’s wooden) can be vulnerable to damage.

Hence, preparing your deck for winter is crucial if you want to avoid damaging your deck and expensive repair bills.

Top Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

Here are some winter deck maintenance tips to protect your deck during the chilly season.

Clean it Regularly

First things first. Clean the surface of your deck thoroughly to remove any snow and ice. That will also get rid of any dust or dirt that may be accumulating on your deck.

In addition, use a hard-bristled brush and appropriate cleaners to remove mold and mildew growth. Cleaning your deck is one of the best winter deck maintenance tips to keep this area moisture-free.

Check for Any Damage

Inspect the deck surface after cleaning to check for any splinters, water damage, or holes where snow can accumulate. Perform a thorough inspection to see any loose or broken boards. You may need to secure loose joints, fill deck board holes with wood filler, etc.

Any repair work you do now will be helpful even after the winter season. So if you want to enjoy a trouble-free deck, prepare it for every season.

Remove the Snow

Keep your deck in good condition by scooping everything off the surfaces to minimize further damage. Allowing snow to accumulate will make it challenging to maintain your deck surface.

Use a shovel or a brush to seep snow away after heavy rain. We recommend using a plastic shovel because it won’t damage the deck’s finish or cause unintentional flaking and scratches.

Add a Protective Finish

Finishing a deck with wood protection will preserve the planks from the outdoors. A water-resistant seal is a valuable finish for this purpose. Choose a seal that penetrates the wood and assures that snow, sleet, or water won’t cause any harm by preventing moisture. In addition, invest in a UV-protected treatment to keep the wood from losing its shine and color or going grey.

Cover Up With Tarp

Using a tarp to cover the furnishings, any patio furniture or floor will add extra protection. during the winter. You are less likely to use furniture or furnishings during the cold season, so covering them with a tarp is a great idea. In addition, the tarp protects your already-sealed deck by preventing snow accumulation.


Home repair tasks are seldom easy, but they are always worth it. So, keep your deck in fantastic shape all year by following these winter deck maintenance tips.

If you want to repair your damaged deck or make any additions, contact Built By Monumental for expert help and advice. You can also contact us if you want to upgrade your deck area because we offer endless possibilities to revamp your traditional deck. Our team will work with you and guide you every step of the way to guarantee excellent results.

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